Here are some of the BEST animal inspired pipes, bongs, & dab rigs for 2023. If you are a real animal lover then these are for you.

1) Blue Whale Hand Pipe

Brought to you by Hemper! This little cutie is sure to make a splash in your collection.

2) Black Kitty Hand Pipe

Say hello to this Black Kitty Hand Pipe! This Goody Glass piece is too good to pass up! Don’t blink or it’ll slink away!

3) Sanrio Hello Kitty Silicone Pipe

We couldn’t create a list without this cute character! Hello Kitty silicone hand pipes are a great affordable option!

hello kitty pipe

4) Octopus Tentacle Hand Pipe

Wrap your tentacles around this glass hand pipe. Let this pipe be your Octopus teacher!

Octopus Tentacle Hand Pipe

5) Unicorn Hand Pipe

Make dreams come true with this mythical creature!

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